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The Chef Behind the Lens

Welcome to the “Chef Behind the Lens”!! I am so excited to share with you all the fun I have with food. I am a trained chef and photographer and I love creating wonderful experiences through food, both through the delight of creating and eating but also capturing wonderful images that make your mouth water. My goal with my new blog is to share with you the history of the culinary arts both in text and in pictures. I want to walk you through how we got to where we are today by highlighting some of the pioneers in the field as well as the classic dishes that still guide us today.

I also will highlight some of the wonderful restaurants out there and the chefs that make them great. We eat first with our eyes and I want to expand your horizons by bringing beautiful images into your life.

So, subscribe to my blog, share with your family and friends and get ready for a wonderful ride! I am so glad to go on this journey with you.

- Chef Deb

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